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Transitioning your DDD “light” application to CQRS and Event Sourcing

by Julien on July 11th, 2010

Une version française de ce billet est disponible ici.

You have been seduced by DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing principles and patterns. But how to gently migrate your current application from the “standard” architecture to the more agile and scalable CQRS / Event Sourcing one? Is it even feasible or worth it?

This series of post will try to guide you through this journey. They will show you a simple application that is using a DDD Light architecture, and move it step by step to a fully CQRS / Event Sourced one. Each post will present a fully working sample application that is applying each step refactorings, as well as the related infrastructure code.

Each step will bring its own value. So a bit like agile practices, you can adopt better architecture choices one by one and feel benefits immediately, without necessarily applying everything.

Finally, you do not need to do a big bang development effort on your application at large. You can perform those steps only for some of your domain’s aggregates. You can migrate the aggregates that are bringing the most business value to your application at first, and gradually migrate the other ones over time.

So if everything goes well, here is the plan:

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  1. afif permalink

    Hi Julien,
    First off great series. Really helpful. Can you indicate if the rest in the series (from part 7 onwards) are still on the cards??


  2. Julien permalink

    Thanks. Yes, I still do plan to publish the rest of the series this year, but I don’t know when exactly though.

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