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CQRS / Event Sourcing workshop in Montreal January 15th

by Julien on January 3rd, 2011

Following my December meetup on the subject, the Montreal developer group will allow you to really code a CQRS / Event Sourced application in a one day workshop on January the 15th.

Details and registration on EventBrite.

  1. Jeremy Fabre permalink

    Do we need a laptop?

  2. Julien permalink

    Yes, you will need a laptop with Windows, Visual Studio 2010 (or Visual Web Developer Express 2010), ASP.NET MVC 2, Code Contracts, and NUnit.

  3. Alex permalink

    I don’t have Windows (and the other applications).

    Is it still possible to use mono instead ?

    If not, is it okay to pair up with somebody else ?


  4. Julien permalink

    Unfortunately, the CQRS framework we will use doesn’t play well with mono develop, so we will not be able to use anything else than windows. But yes, you can definitely ask someone to pair with.

  5. Micaël permalink

    Alors ça s’est bien passé? 😉

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